The American summer of Quentin Valognes

When you’re 18 year-old, you spend your summer at the beach. But for Quentin Valognes, the summer was much more intense. From Rocheville, his small town in Normandy, to Abitibi, in Canada. Passing by Hyères, in south of France or the American state of Georgia. Quentin Valognes shows himself around the world. For La Gazette des Sports, the U19 rider, member of Team Novo Nordisk, confides himself.


Quentin Valognes, UC Bricquebec’s rider, doesn’t have the same life as the other U19 riders. In fact, the boarder of excellence center of Caen (Normandy) suffers from Type1diabetes. Some discommoding things on the bike but this young holder of the final french exam has learned how to surmount theses, year after year. Now, this Norman is a part of the best french sprinters. Winner in three stages on the Tour of Abitibi (Nations Cup) and bronze medallist in french track championships. His summer was fruitful.

10494732_10204032075020624_6705598005674958357_n«My exam, the national championship & Tour of Abitibi were my main goals»

«After french track championship, at Hyères, I thought to be in difficulty in Canada, for Tour of Abitibi. I asked me if I will be able follow the peloton in a world cup ! I didn’t have endurance. During my exam, I didn’t train. And after, I immediately went at the french track championship. I was out of training. And so… At the end, when I draw up balance sheet of my summer, I think I succeeded my american holidays. At least, i’m happy !»

Declare the norman who didn’t expect to do these results on american roads. «Deep down my heart, I knew i was able to win bunch sprint. But not in Nation Cup !»10378536_1538410836380272_6319614123260302676_n

«We come from 19 different countries. But cycling gathers us»

Reserve of the professional team, U19 Team NovoNordisk allow of young diabetics riders to collects us in training session and to take part in the most beautiful races of the world. «This year there are 19 different countries in the team, explain Quentin. We learn from each other. Cycling is our common passion. So we find subjects conversations easily.»

In spite of his good summer, Quentin Valognes won’t take the start of the next U19 french road championship, Saturday 23rd of august in St Omer (North). A deliberate choice. «I undertook with the Team Novo Nordisk to participate at U19 Tour of Wales. The race is very difficult. It’s a race for climber not for sprinters ! But I want to learn and to have experience for the future.»

The future, it’s probably with the jersey of NovoNordisk Development, the official reserve of the professional team, that the rider of David Louvet, will pass. The logical result for this oldest boy of a cyclist family. Son of a speaker and of a mother who is photographer, Quentin and his family stimulate between them. «It’s a big help when your family is in the cycling’s world. We can give them some advice» Pay attention ! Pauline (16 years old) and Thibault (14 years old) will also be part of the best french rider in the future.

Written in english by Josselin Riou



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